Who to choose: The Politician or the Businessman?

At this moment Colombia, a country that has been ruled by the right and center-right for nearly the last two decades, is near to the date of taking the decision of whether to accept a radical change and introduce a communist ideology or whether to adopt a government from the center. At almost two weeks […]

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Crisis in Global Supply Chain

China’s exports have suffered the greatest share under the circumstances of a shaken economy by the covid lockdown, the Ukraine war, and the increasing interest rates in the U.S and E.U. The higher shipping costs and increasing demand from consumers have resulted in the augmentation of the price of basic consumer goods. In the current […]

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The Future of Our Economy Relies on Copper

Copper is an essential building block of the 21st century global economy. This efficient conductor of electricity is needed to manufacture everything from electric vehicles to renewable energy systems to computers. To build just one electric car, you need an astonishing 83 kilograms of copper, a 277% increase when compared to traditional combustion engine vehicles. […]

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