Cattolica Global Markets Magazine is intended to build a stable and enduring network of partners among national and international organizations and student associations. The partnerships are set in order to offer who follows us an integrated supply of quality contents to support our work. The aim is to offer mutual benefits in terms of a widespread delivery of information.



International Security Interest (INSI) is an independent online news medium that promotes and broadcasts high quality contents, both for academic and informative purposes, regarding security, geopolitics and social affairs. Regarding its exclusive vocation for terrorism and antiterrorism topics, INSI can be considered the first Italian student-run magazine specialized in this field.

In order to facilitate the readibility among the users and the completeness of the information it intends to deliver, INSI’s works, written either in English or Italian, is divided in three sections:

  • “News” section comprehends news articles, published on daily-basis;
  • “Blog” section posts in-depth studies and detailed analyses;
  • “Journal” section gathers working papers and research publications.

INSI can count on a large set of authors, from students to academic researchers, in order to guarantee the best and widest dissemination of scientific knowledge, combining the rigor typically required by academics with the dynamicity proper of student-run magazines.

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SmartWeek (SW) is a web magazine that aims to deliver information on a wide set of subjects, such as Finance, Economy, Politics, Innovation Processes on a national and international level. It is meant to be a source of interesting and inspiring insights for Entrepreneurs, Startuppers, Managers but also Students, who can rely on it in order to make their businesses and ideas grow.

It makes use of an online platform and several technological applications that place it among the top specialist magazines, because its degree of interaction with both its readers and stakeholders.

SW offers to the user an editorial line Taylor-Made that is able to anticipate and tell the market dynamics over time, thanks to a strong network of contacts worldwide, including Student Associations, Universities and Businesses. In order to do so SmartWeek relies on skilled and curious editors, willing to deepen their understanding of our complex world and of an uncertain future.

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